IdeaString™ engages and inspires your network, then transforms their best ideas - into brilliant solutions for innovation and business optimization.
  • Enterprise Innovation & Collaboration

    IdeaString™ delivers the world’s first socialized innovation and collaboration platform for the enterprise. We empower corporations to grow their businesses by turning their most powerful assets - employees, customers, vendors and alliances into innovators to deliver high-value breakthrough ideas. We enable intelligent, mass scale digital curation of knowledge, insights, ideas and experience to transform and optimize business units across the enterprise.

  • Measure the ROI of Collaboration & Innovation

    IdeaString business intelligence delivers the important analytics you need for top-level and highly detailed reporting. In real time, analyze themes, trends, topics, people, geographic locations, social impact from Twitter and more – communicate the impact and build your business case.

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  • Gamification Built-In

    Designed with behavioral science at the core, participation in IdeaString works seamlessly because its built the way people naturally prefer to engage. Rewards, recognition, socialization and support cues are delivered every step of the way.

  • Meritocracy of Ideas Equals More Innovation

    Introverts welcome. In traditional brainstorming and collaboration, who presents an idea can be as important as the idea itself. With IdeaString, you have the option to insure meritocracy online by choosing to invite participants to anonymous events or to display identities – whether you choose to reveal participants is up to you.

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Sign on using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or integrate your LDAP corporate authentication method.


Experts have the powers to issue Big Idea awards, tag intriguing ideas and ask thoughtful provocative questions and more.


Designed for the way people naturally want to engage and they get rewarded each step of the way. Support ideas by sharing video, graphics, documents, and more.


Get exactly the support you need, when you need it. A range of support solutions are available, designed to fit your needs.


IdeaString offers the option to host anonymous sessions too. When everyone's included, more content and quality rises to the surface for better results.


IdeaString delivers a world-class security infrastructure, with data security, reliability, and scalability at its core.


Powerful visual data including intuitive charts, graphs, idea maps, word clouds, real-time stats and more.


Keep current while massively enhancing innovation and collaboration by including up-the-moment relevant Twitter feeds on topics, people, and brands.


Social media meets the enterprise. Employees and participants connect, collaborate and create value together.